Immersive Exhibitions and Installations

Android Jones

SAMSKARA Exhibition, Artplay, Moscow

SAMSKARA is a soul’s impression, the hardly felt emotional track in the subconscious. We travel from life to life between strange worlds and spaces but we are not able to remember this, just keeping the Samskars. We don’t know what we are looking for with just the constant feeling of a lost happiness and the thirst for change driving us forward. The only thing we are sure at – is that what we are looking for does exist.

IMMERSIVITY – is a plunging effect when the seer, not being content with a spectator role, becomes an actor able to see the universe as if from inside the artist’s head. To catch up how the author created his artworks and even to take part in the creating process itself. The 360° and VR technologies will let you empathize everything what is happening in real time.

These works are performed in a 360-degree dome with the audience entirely immersed and absorbed in the trippy visuals and captivated by the curiosity which is specifically what I want the audience of my piece to be – so absorbed and curious to explore that they become immersed within the installation.


Japan’s Digital Art Museum

I wish I had the money to visit this place – it would honestly be a dream. The visuals and transformative areas of the museum would entirely immerse any subject and most likely give them motion sickness. In the video it states that the visuals are free to move from room to room (?!?!?!!!) which is absolutely amazing, I had absolutely no idea that this was even possible in technology. It’s absolutely awesome.


Adrian M & Claire B

Metamorphosis in Space



This is everything I’ve ever wanted and more. It reminds me of Ryoji Ikeda’s work bit in an even more immersive and captivating way. I’d love to explore light the way that Nonotak have, in order to intrigue the audience even more so that I already attempt to do.


Refik Anadol

The all-encompassing nature of this exhibition is what I am attempting to create with my installation in A27, an area that is entirely absorbing for the participant enough to immerse themselves within. The details of this installation are a lot more ambiguous than the footage that I will project but I like the way that the projection covers corners and angles and envelops the entire room.


Ryan Patrick Maguire

The Ghost in the Mp3

Taking a look at textured digital sound in order to inspire me for the sound I’m making for the installation. I want to give the Skyrim audio a textured sound that enhances the digital aspects of the woods in the game and conveys this effectively to the audience.



Felt Installations

Paolo Del Toro

Baba of the Woods

This artist makes massive sculptures with needle felting (not what I do) and takes them out into nature, whereas I bring nature into my felt and installation. I think the sculptures they make are definitely aspirational and I really like the juxtaposition of textures that they evoke with the images they create, alike to the juxtaposition of my felt against the texture pack of Skyrim in my footage.


Andrea Graham

I am Water

These freestanding wet felting (what I make) sculptures create an aesthetic similar to how I envision my mittens to hang in the alcove outside A27 for the participants to wear. The colours in the space work really well also, the juxtaposition of texture again in the areas that they are presented are interesting, as the textured felt against the flush smooth room in which they are installed created an interesting parallel to Paolo Del Toro’s work above. I just seem to be really interested in creating multi-textured juxtapositional installations, with my flat perspex, felted mittens and texture pack in Skyrim.

Ghost Trees



Sondra Perry

Typhoon Coming On, Serpentine Seckler Gallery

This very immersive installation projection-mapped around the entirety of the gallery space. It honestly covered every inch of the wall, even the fire exits. When I saw it initially I ran into the gallery so fast and just stared. It was so captivatingly peaceful and curious that you found yourself just simply watching and forgetting that you were in a public space. The visuals were extremely memorable due to this, even though I’m still not even sure what they were. The sounds I don’t actually remember because I don’t think they were a main focus, it was this massive band of purple colour that moved so organically around the space and then flashed pure white and changed to the cream and gold colour that shocked me so much, I wasn’t expecting it at all, it was even more fascinating because of this and I didn’t want to leave the space.


Ian Cheng

Part 1: BOB (Bag of Beliefs), Serpentine Gallery

This weird little create that appeared to just drop itself through an exaggerated force of gravity was strange to watch on such a large screen with an expanse of white around it. It made me get up close to it to see it which I guess created that sense of intrigue. I also liked that when you got up close to the screens, because they were so large, you could very clearly see the pixels of the displays, which reminded me of my installation and perspex sheets from last term. I want to enhance this further this term and hopefully push the limitations of the pixel further than I have in previous installations.




Art and Literature

  Larry Achiampong & David Blandy

Finding Fanon Pt.2, 2015

The piece has become a work in response to the search for Fanon’s plays but also the conversations had between Achiampong and Blandy, and their personal development throughout the search for the plays. Such has produced art that speaks a narrative whilst within the game platform GTA. I really like the personal connection to the narrative that Larry has developed and then spoke about at his artist talk in 2016 – recording is available here – and I like how the conversations around the topics of personal connection such as race and colonisation have aided the development of the project and helped shape it into what it is. It’s this reflexivity that I think supports the piece well and makes it more interesting for the viewer to listen to and view. I want to be reflexive with the narrative/ audio accompaniment to my work that I will develop.

“inspired by the lost plays of Frantz Fanon, (1925-1961) a politically radical humanist whose practice dealt with the psychopathology of colonisation and the social and cultural consequences of decolonisation. Throughout the series, Achiampong and Blandy negotiate Fanon’s ideas, examining the politics of race, racism and decolonisation, and how these societal issues affect our relationship amidst an age of new technology, popular culture and globalisation.”


Jeff Wall

After “Invisible Man” by Ralph Ellison, the Prologue1999-2000

This example of going all the way when committing to recreating an environment is what I would love to do. It’s in response to a piece of literature that states that a guy has 1,369 lightbulbs illuminating his room, and so Jeff Wall has honoured this factor of the prologue and created an image to match to the written word. I think it’s interesting how he has taken this part of the novel and had such an emotional response to the prologue that he has dedicated so much time to create a world that fits this written description. I would like to make work in response to some of my favourite pieces of literature in the future or even use them within my practice.

“The novel’s eloquent prologue is short on specifics, except one: the 1,369 lightbulbs that cover the ceiling of the underground lair. Starting with this fantastic detail, Wall scrupulously imagined in his Vancouver studio the concrete form of Ellison’s metaphorical space. “

jeff wall.png

Ugo Rondinone

Mentioned in the blog post: Immersion within Installations