Felt Installations

Paolo Del Toro Baba of the Woods This artist makes massive sculptures with needle felting (not what I do) and takes … More

Previous Research

My practice this term has been influenced heavily by the majority of research that I have made over the past … More


Sondra Perry Typhoon Coming On, Serpentine Seckler Gallery This very immersive installation projection-mapped around the entirety of the gallery space. … More

Above: Summer Term Below: Lent Term

In order to fully understand my practice this term, I would hope that you can look at all of the … More

Art and Literature

  Larry Achiampong & David Blandy Finding Fanon Pt.2, 2015 The piece has become a work in response to the … More

Virtual Worlds

I have often referred back to posts such as; Bringing the Virtual World into the Real World and Immersion through Physical Objects. Ian … More

Immersion within Installations

I have often been referring back to posts from Michaelmas term regarding immersion; such as Immersion through Physical Objects, Bringing the Virtual … More