Immersion through Physical Objects

Olafur Eliasson

Riverbed, 2014

After Eliasson flooded a Danish gallery for his exhibition, it became a different landscape to explore. I really like the extent that the artist went to to achieve this piece, I think it works incredibly well and is very immersive, I’m not sure whether it would just be me, but I could spend days in there hunched over just inspecting all of the rocks and ground around me, with a bonus of no weather to worry about. I want to create something this immersive in my installation, although this will perhaps have to wait until next term, and also I do not think LICA would appreciate me flooding a room or filling it with dirt and rocks.

Jeroen Kooijmans

The River Bed Song, 2015

This piece is really really awesome. The angular poly shape of the sculptures he has made to project onto are very like Pat Flynn as mentioned in the blog post: Immersion Explored. I think it works really well with the landscape imagery although I expected the subject matter to be of some form of video game descent, however it was not. This I would change, and am thinking of channeling this into my work, specifically through the progression of accessories again mentioned in the post above.








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