Bringing the Virtual World into the Real World


Gene D. Austin

I am thinking about making something to bring Skyrim back out into the room when I install it, although going down the diorama route seems very museum-y to me and I want to eradicate any feeling of being at a museum from my practice, as I am very interested with textures and self-experiences, to do this generally you need to be involved, not just watching and looking on at what is happening from a fixed point. I like the idea of bringing the texture of the game out somehow, perhaps through a rock. Below are just some dioramas I found when researching that are quite interesting, although seeing them on my blog now has made me realise that they are not what I want to achieve.

This links heavily to the post about Breaking the confines of the screen.


Augmented Reality

Pokemon Go

Video games are currently working on bring the video game into the real world quite literally, which is why Pokemon Go’s release in the summer of 2016 was such a hit, causing them to go on to make Harry Potter versions. It brings the video game to our everyday lives, as pictured below, I have screen shot the game sat on my lap in LICA. It can be anywhere you want it to be, and will not fail to immerse yourselves entirely. You could pretty much walk around the entire time just with your head in your phone, looking through the games augmented reality feature and map, not once lifting your head, it really truly is that immersive for the player.



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